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     One night Sarah the cat was on her way back home. She heard a tiny voice. 

Sarah became scared, very scared. She saw a little fairy that said ” My name is Rose please help me!”. Sarah introduced herself and the fairy said that whoever owns a rainbow moonstone will be able to help a fairy. Sarah was shocked because she had that moonstone!

  Finally Sarah said ” I will help you.” Rose became happy, very happy. Rose said to put the moonstone in the middle of a drawing of a circle in the dirt. 

Sarah obeyed. Then, ten more fairies came and shot rainbows out of their hands while Rose stood on the moonstone and shot sparkles out of her hands too! 

  Sarah was amazed by the sight when lots of sparkles and rainbows surrounded her! Sarah awoke in her bed, confused. Then she went downstairs and told her mom Emily, her dad Tom and her little brother Sam every thing that happened. Sarah laughed when she told the part when she awakened. 

Cirque Du Soleil - Totem

Cirque Du Soleil - Totem in San Francisco

One day Worm packed his stuff and headed for Bunny’s home, Bunny had been expecting Worm a few days ago. Since Worm didn’t have internet connection he didn’t know a twister was coming by. Once Worm opened the door Worm got swept away by the twister! Bunny was very worried. A few days later Bunny sneaked out of her room, into the living room, turned on the T.V. and the first thing she heard on the news was that Dirt, Worm Dirt had been swept in a twister.

Bunny’s mom came down she told Bunny everything would be alright. But it didn’t work that way Worm was killed, she went to bed. When she woke up Bunny’s mom went outside and showed her a dead flower, took out a stick, pointed the stick at the flower, said some magic words and the flower was alive! Then Bunny’s mom pointed the stick on the ground, Worm appeared in front of Bunny and her mom, alive struggling to catch his breath.

Worm said in a shaky voice “Is that you Sparkle, Bunny Sparkle?” “Yes, it is me Bunny Sparkle.” Bunny said smiling. “Honey! Breakfast is ready!” Bunny’s dad said at the top of his lungs. Bunny said “Make a newspaper cracker, a paper stew for lunch and a napkin salad with a pinch of shredded paper for Worm okay? Great!”.

One day Bunny went to the garden and started to search for a pet to play with. She tried catching a pretty butterfly to watch it flutter it’s wings but she couldn’t! Then she saw Worm cry and Worm said “I want a friend!” Bunny said to Worm “I will be your friend!” Worm went with Bunny. Bunny showed her mom her new pet, Worm. When Bunny’s mom saw Worm she yelled “Yikes! Get that out of here!”.

Bunny kept Worm in a container covered by a small piece of cloth in her room. She hid it from everybody that came to her house, afraid that they might say the same thing her mom said. One day Worm said “I want to go back at my own home,I miss my family! You can visit me any time.” Bunny and Worm said their farewells. Bunny wiped her tear as they said another farewell, she saw Worm disappear in the tall grass. And a few days later the worms and their worst enemy, the birds had a fight! Worm’s family told Worm to go some far from every living creature that lived in Santa Clara. Worm went to the country while Bunny and her family moved to Montana to enjoy the nature. Bunny and Worm were very very sad, they would never see each other again…

Alya Giant Bike

Alya Giant Bike

Now I’m in the car waiting to reach my destination. There are colorful houses outside my window.The grass is slowly waving. We are enjoying this trip so far. The wind starts blowing against the car. We pass by lots of trees,we see many kinds! We get more and more and more closer to our destination!!!!!!!!!!

The sky is lonely not a cloud to be seen. Signs showing where to go, this won’t be that peaceful because we are going to see a volcano! Nearby I see a maze like corn field. I see sunflowers, alive and dead.More fields appear as we speed by cars and more. I can only see people driving. No birds nothing, no living things. There is more beyond the tall grass next to me.

Mountains are far beyond. A hen stands in front of a field. We go stop to have a swim together. In the pool there are lots of people. We have lots of fun in the pool together. We start driving deeper and deeper into the forest. The road is windy and quite lonely. We see a biker biking as fast as he can. We see a dead at the side of the road.


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I’m sick today…my temperature was one hundred and one last night.But now my temperature is ninety nine,not so bad after all.But the good news is I won the only place that is first place in, the lost ticket essay contest!Now this is really really really really not so so so so so so bad after all, at all!

But we lost all the 2007 to 2010 blogs

Happy New Year from Lake Alpine